February 28th, 2024

Avalon Announces A Total of 4 New Foot Soak Treatments Starting at $25

When I designed my bodywork treatments, I did so with ingredients and same day results of specific concerns in mind. It took months of research and reading, cross referencing and then finally more research into products and their ingredient decks, speaking with manufactures on suggested use and more to decide on the final protocol. I have one bodywork treatment for joint and muscle pain, one for sensitive skin, one for antiaging and firming and another one for deep cleansing and detox. I am proud to say that no where in my area, does any skincare clinic, aesthetician, salon or spa have the kind of bodywork treatments I offer. They are very unique, they work extremely well as they are designed. The proof is in my clients feedback.

I offered one foot soak treatment that was complimentary to a body work service. And that’s where this part of the journey started. I had more and more clients suggest I should offer foot soaks that match each body work service. After the bodywork treatment, my clients loved going into the VIP area with the water features, calming music and relaxing while receiving tea and the foot soak service. I found that my clients had a higher satisfaction level with that day’s services and for them it added more time to relax and added value.

Deep Sea Foot Soak- Add to Service $25 or as A La Carte $40

This treatment compliments the Deep Sea Hiwa Kai Salt Scrub and Black Baltic Mud Ritual. The bodywork service focus on deep cleansing of the pores, adding nutrition back into the skin while being beneficial for alleviating of such skin conditions as eczema, psoriasis, congested skin/acne, and keratosis pilaris (also referred to as strawberry skin or chicken skin). (1) (2)

This Deep Sea Foot Soak continues with ocean based ingredients high in mineral and vitamin content. It starts with a detox soak including a powerhouse of sea ingredients that include dead sea salts, and a powder blend of wildcrafted Irish sea moss, bladderwrack seaweed, spirulina seaweed, kelp, and burdock root. Skin is refreshed with a textured scrub from the Pacific Ocean; pure, raw, naturally derived and rich in nutrients. The treatment continues with warmed oil massaged in with hot basalt stones and ends with a decadent finishing crème. Emerald isles tea service included.

Spirulina – contains many important amino acids, including glycine and proline, which keep the skin firm and support the body’s collagen production. This ingredient is a natural moisturizer and active antimicrobial protection for skin conditions (eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis etc.). It also provides proactive protection against skin infection (Athlete’s foot, diabetic feet etc..) (1)

Wildcrafted Irish Sea Moss

Bladderwrack Seaweed Powder –

Burdock Root Powder 

Kelp Powder

High Quality Sea Salt-

Lira Clinical’s Restorative Foot Soak- Add to Service $25 or as A La Carte $40

This treatment compliments the Lira Clinical’s Restorative Spa Treatment

With a pedicure bowl including fresh rose petals, this decadent soak is relaxing and romantic. Slough away old skin to renew fresh with a decadent coconut and rose canina scrub. Restore precious hydration for ultimate skin health with the Lira’s blend of hemp, argon, Rosa Canina and coconut oils. Tired feet and muscles will be soothed with massage elements. Treatment finishes with the luxurious Silk Soufflé moisturizer. Black leaf tea (with rosebuds) tea service included.

Papyrus Plant Stem Cells-

Argan, Coconut, Hemp and Kukui Oil-

Lactic Acid-

Rosa Canina Oil-

Advanced Peptide Complex-

Suma Root Extract- Sometimes called Brazilian ginseng

Jasmine & Oriental Spice Foot Soak- Add to Service $25 or as A La Carte $40

This treatment compliments the Jasmine Rice Buff with Oriental Spice Wrap

Perfect for those with dry, sensitive skin. Soak tired feet in a pedicure bowl filled with quality sea salt, jasmine flower extract, rice extract, chamomile extract, and Vitamins E and A. The blend of coconut, safflower, Moroccan argon, and jojoba work in synergy to moisturize and soften skin. Finely ground jasmine rice scrubs away dead skin before an application of a jasmine and oriental spiced cream is massaged in.

Jasmine Flower Extract-

Rice Extract-

Chamomile Extract-

Safflower Extract-

Moroccan Argon-

Jojoba Oil-

Balinese Flower Foot Soak- Add to Service $25 or as A La Carte $40

This treatment compliments the Indonesian Healing Scrub & Balinese Herbal Wrap

A century old treatment, this service soothes tired muscles, improves blood circulation, warms and polishes the skin while you soak your feet in a traditional Balinese foot flower bath. Service highlights lemongrass & ginger soak salts with tropical flowers, a traditional Balinese scrub and Thai massage oil that assists in relieving pain in the feet and lower legs using all natural ingredients, a lemongrass masque, and a tiare flower finishing dry oil. Lemon verbena tea service included.

Lemongrass Extract-

Ginger Extract-

Tiare Flower Extract-

Traditional Balinese Scrub- (Sandalwood, Clove, Ginger, Cinnamon, Coriander, Nutmeg)- all consists of warming spices which are highly effective in helping increase blood flow, balancing the body the ayurvedic way while exfoliating the skin.

Camphor and Menthol- Studies found when these two ingredients are mixed together, it resulted in increases in local blood flow in skin and muscle. Camphor, a mild pain reliever, pairs well with Menthol, which has a cooling sensation when applied to skin. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC10403385/

Peppermint, Clove & Cinnamon Oils- 

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